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Auto Body Repair And Painting In Kahului, Hi

We are behind the wheel!
We at Classic Auto Painting, LLC in Kahului, HI provide excellent auto body repair and paint work.Every member of the staff is well-trained and courteous and you can expect customer service to your satisfaction.

We offer a range of services. Call our office for an appointment.


Classic Auto Painting, LLC has been providing quality auto body and collision repair service since 1983. Feel free to contact us for your car repair and auto body car painting.

If you are looking for service, which is hard to come by these days, take your vehicle to Roy & Edie at Classic Auto Painting, LLC. After making a few calls and stopping at a couple places for estimates, there was no question I found the right place. Roy advised that rust repair is always tricky, but that he would do his best. He got right back to me with the cost and eta of parts and the amount for labor. The vehicle was ready sooner than expected. You would never know where the problem was. They are pleasant, well-priced, and exceptional good at what they do. I recommend them to anyone looking for auto body paint & repair!

-Jim G., Kapalua
I needed a slight paint scrape on the hood of my rental car buffed out. I called they said bring it in. When I got their they gave me a price of $75. 15 minutes later the hood looked great and he buffed out two other scrapes on the side. Kudos to Roy, and if you need slight damage fixed fast take your car to him.

-Larry B., Richland, WA
I recently had my Ranger painted at Classic Auto Painting, as a birthday gift from me to me. and came away feeling very happy about the work that was done. Roy and Edie were respectful and never gave me a bad time about anything. People who have seen my truck since it was painted say it is in "mint condition". The entire interior was detailed as was the bed of the truck, rims and tires. It is beautiful.
I took my truck to Roy on the recommendation of two other people, one whose station wagon was painted and the other who has her truck currently in for painting. Both were very upbeat about this company. Everyone is entitled to their opinion-well...mine is "a job well done".
-Gail Caires, Kihei, HI
Classic Auto Painting, LLC is Maui's best! They were kind and very helpful on the phone. When I took in my car, the estimate for repair was done fast and accurate and best of all, the price was right! Originally the time for repair was 3-4 days but they got it done in a day and the repair was amazing, no evidence of the damage. I would definitely take my car in again for a repair, if needed. Thank you Roy and Edie.

-Robert Tsuhako
Roy and Edie Bonilla of Classic Auto Painting, LLC have worked on several of my trucks. First, a 2003 Chevy Z-71 with severe damage to the passenger side. After Roy completed repairs, one could not tell that there was any damage ever done to the passenger side. My second truck is a 1942 Chevy truck that was painted, with the necessary body work included in sections. With Roy's extensive mechanical knowledge he helped me with the suspension, steering, brakes, electrical and fine tuning of the '42 Chevy. I was very pleased with Roy's professionalism and high quality of workmanship along with his vast knowledge of all aspects of overall mechanics. Classic Auto Painting, LLC is a dependable company with fair pricing and excellent service. I highly recommend them!

- Tom Hundhammer
Roy Bonilla, Classic Auto Painting, LLC, has painted and repaired damages to various automobiles for me for more than ten years. He is extremely careful and compulsive about his work. He knows the limits of his abilities, but is willing to undertake very complex and difficult repair and painting challenges. Frequently he has performed excellent repairs and reconstructions for my autos that other tradesman could not manage. In addition, Mr. Bonilla bids carefully before proceeding with any work, and documents completely the cost of his parts and labor. I recommend him without reservation.

- Russell Stodd, MD
Auto body repair and paint in Kahului, HI

Our staff

Our collision center has years of combined experience. We can successfully repair minor and major repairs.

I am a recent repeat customer of Classic Auto (we have a teenage driver in the house) and I just can't say enough about Roy & Edie's service, integrity and their word. They are more than fair with their prices and Roy has twice now gone over and above for us. He didn't have to but he's the type that will complete the job right. He has also been completely open and honest with us regarding the job, explaining thoroughly every detail and saves what can be saved instead of replacing what didn't need to be. I am so grateful that Classic Auto was referred (by very happy campers, also return customers) to me because I was frustrated with the whole process of getting quotes and feeling like I was being jipped. I believe I am a good judge of character and I came away from there feeling relieved knowing that they are good people.
In the future, I will not hesitate to call upon their services if need be. If you want my opinion, people like Roy and Edie are good, hard working folks and as a business owner (well my husband), I can appreciate their ethics. Thank you soooo much Roy & Edie for doing such an excellent job on our vehicles! I really can't express how HAPPY & GRATEFUL we are...especially my daughter!!!
God bless and prosper you in the upcoming New Year.

-Michele Revelle, Makawao, HI
I have had the privilege of utilizing the services of Roy Bonilla of Classic Auto Painting, LLC on several different occasions. One in having some touch up work done on my pride and joy, an award winning 1964 Corvette Roadster and the other on my daily driver, a 97 Dodge Ram truck that's no slouch either. The truck I've owned since day 1 and even thou impeccably maintained, it's shown some wear after 14 years and 110,000 miles. Roy worked wonders on it doing work on it to bring back its original condition look and luster. The Corvette was a numbers matching vehicle when it arrived in Maui in '07, however there were no concourse judging events in Maui in which to participate so I started modifying to meet my own desires, that meant some paint work to accommodate my changes. The work that Roy did was perfect in matching the color to perfection on the 64 Corvette. And it still wins awards in Maui. Finding a paint and body shop on Maui was a real challenge in order to meet my high standards for my "babies" however Roy met that challenge and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Classic Auto Painting, LLC to anyone that's looking for quality work at a fair price.

- Dan Wittern, Kihei
I have dealt with Classic Auto Painting, LLC for the last 12 years and find their work and service to be the absolute best. I definitely recommend to anyone that they use Roy and his team. They are people who care!

- Roy Sakamoto
I met Roy and Edie when the company that I work for would use their services for the company vehicles, whether it be mechanical or painting one of the trucks ore restoring my boss' classic car. Seeing and knowing what a great job Roy does that I had him repaint my 1998 Durango and he made it look brand new. No job is too small or too big when it comes to cars. Roy knows what he's talking about. Roy and Edie take pride in what they do and it's always a pleasure to work with them. We need to support this small local company, so check out Classic Auto Painting, LLC, one of Maui's finest!

- Deborah Kele
Roy restored an old classic car for me years ago and in the last 20 years we have trusted him with all our body work and most of our mechanic needs. Roy and Edie and Classic Auto Painting, LLC are a pleasure to work with.

- Kris Vadla
It's said, "the best advertising a company can have is a satisfied customer" and I'm more than satisfied. Roy and Edie's Classic Auto Painting, LLC just completed cosmetics on my 20 year-old BMW. All I can say is "WOW!". Roy took an oxidized, chipped, sun-bleached and abused auto that I love, and returned my baby to me looking like it did at purchase. If that were not good enough, he did so both economically and timely. Roy understands what his customers desire as well as the tough money times we are enduring. Besides, there is nothing better than talking story with someone who loves his craft. If you need some TLC for your classic, Classic Auto Painting, LLC is the shop for you. You owe it to yourself to stop by and check it out.

- Dale Bassford
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